Friday, February 13, 2009

And so it is. And so it goes.

"Generational Theft" is a term I first heard uttered by Michelle Malkin. I have also heard it from Senator John McCain and from various other Republicans.

The term is apt.

And theft is a crime.

To have voted this pork-filled cr@p-sandwich (acknowledgment for the coining of this term goes to Val at (D)rivvel Supp) into law is, in my opinion, criminal. To have given the public *less than 24 hours* to review the 1000+ page document is immoral.

This bigfat pork-laden bill will not create jobs, but will create debt for generations. We have not begun to comprehend the far-reaching, negative effect this bill will have on the future of our nation.

I've said it before and I will say it again: America is the only nation on the face of the earth, into which people are routinely willingly to die, attempting to enter her borders.
This fact should tell us something.

Let me be clear: We do not need to become more like Europe or Canada. We need to remember who we were designed to be, by our Creator, by the founding fathers.

A beacon of hope.

A place of freedom.

The defender of the weak and oppressed, whether the unborn child in our own communities or the down-trodden, suffering under tyranny or those crushed by poverty beyond what we can comprehend (which is oh, I don't know, like no cable TV and a shared vehicle for our teens?---Gah).

We are all free to 'pursue happiness', to speak freely without fear of retribution from the government, the worship as we wish, to keep and bear arms in America. We are not entitled to anything more. In our Constitution (which I do not believe is a living, breathing document, just as, to me, the Bible is not), the federal government is charged with raising an army, regulating commerce and delivering the mail.

Thaaaaat's about it. Yup. Truth.

The rest of it, including Medicare, Social Security, interstates, infrastructure, income taxes---all of it, has been added over the years; some of it, almost seems made up as we went along.

And make no mistake: Not only will we pay for this porkulus bill in the financial sense, we will pay, as a people, with reduced liberty, freedom, personal responsibility and the ever-more-fuzzy memory of our identity as a nation.

America? Amerika?

May God bless America.

Land that I love.

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