Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sat. Morning 2:38 AM

Randomly remembering this awesome song by Charlie Peacock. (if you wish to listen to the song, please scroll to the bottom of the page and turn of the music player).

I really, really love his voice and his lyrics are brilliant. The video above is not really a video; rather, it is a still photo of the cassette jacket (yes, yes; what's your point?), while the song plays. This is a version of the song that I had never heard.

We have this song on VHS (yes, yes, what's your point?). It is from a series of acoustical concerts by Christian artists. This version of the song is much better, but the hot 90's fashion is the same either place.

Here are the lyrics:

Dear friend, there's a story goin' round
says you're gonna be married soon
But you've been sayin' that for years,
and there can be no wedding without a groom
You said he's gone away to make a place for you and Him
Oh you know He's gonna come back,
but you just don't know when

Dear friends He is not slow in keeping His promises
As some understand slowness to be
Keep a watch out, don't lose faith, He said He would come for you
He's gonna come for you, you wait and see

Dear friend, people joke, they laugh and they make fun
When you tell 'em all about the groom who's gonna come
He's been gone a long long time, are there any doubts to confess
Do you wonder if you're ever gonna wear that wedding dress

I remember where I was and what I was doing when I first heard this song. I had been a Christian for about 6 months or so. Someone played this song for me and dreamily asked what I thought of it.

I had no earthly idea what she meant. Hellllooo? New Christian here. ::waves:: I thought the reality of Jesus was swell, holy, nothing better. But the Christian lingo? Holy gabolies! Whatev.

"Washed in the blood?"--are you kidding me? eyes wide, "God put it *on* my heart?"--don't you mean 'in' my heart?, "I fell in love with Jesus"?--eeeyew! isn't that profane, "I had a burden for..."--is that like gas?

And I had never, ever, ever heard anything connected with Christ, connected with well, ummmm...marriage. and weddings. and well...then...honeymoons. Bride? Groom? Waiting? Spotless. Without blemish or wrinkle. How confusing and again, isn't that all rather profane?

Ahhh...the mind of the new believer. As foreign as it all was, I knew it to be truth. I inhaled and gobbled and stuffed and gorged myself at the table of the Lord. I was hungry. I was ravenous. I read and studied and questioned and worshiped and did it all again the next day.

And over time, the song about the Bride and her Groom didn't sound strange anymore. It certianly was no longer profane. I understood the longing of waiting on my Groom.

Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Everytime I hear the word, I think of Chandler on "Friends"

I have fibromyalgia (amongst other ailments).

It was diagnosed almost 16 years ago. I have tried many therapies and medications and treatments to cope with the burning pain in my muscles.

Over the years, I finally have come up with the best protocol of medicine, treatment and therapy to make me feel the best I can. I am pretty comfy with where I am at right now. And by the way, my Tempurpdic mattress and pillow changed my life. End of commercial. :~)

Massage therapy has been one of the best additions to my regimen. After deciding that my physical therapist husband makes a much better husband than personal massage therapist, he suggested that massage become a monthly part of my life (*bless* that dear man!).

I have the best massage therapist in the world. And I know this because I have had massages in several states and even in other countries. She and I are friends, as well as client and therapist. And she can make my body release trigger points like no-one else. It hurts fabulously good.

But yesterday, oh yesterday. Without warning and without permission, my massage therapist friend, whom I have known and trusted literally for more than 10 years, tried a new technique on my body.

Since pain is a regular part of my life and I love, love, love to have those dang trigger points dug out!!, I was surprised how much this technique made me want to scuh-reeeam. Heck, I was surprised that she pulled this one me at all. lol

What was the painful procedure that was practiced upon my neck, shoulders and back? Cupping. Chinese cupping. Ever heard of it? I had, because I had seen hmmmm....Anthony Bourdain? Michael Zimmern (is that his name?); one of those traveling food and culture TV stars, submit to this procedure.

I had some sort of twist on the traditional station
ary cupping, with the cups being moved around on my back.neck.shoulders. Painful? Ummmm, yes. Rather verymuch. Was I happy? I don't think so. Did it help? Could I tell a difference in my symptoms? I don't think so. Does my back look horrid? Why, yes it does.

It looks something like this (I have 6 round bruise-y looking marks)
. They are not painful, but they are horrible looking! My massage therapist mentioned Angela Jolie, when she told me what my back was going to look like. Not impressed. She mentioned hickeys. *Definitely* not impressed!

Interesting. Live and learn and all that. But let's not do that again, OK? :~)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Those wacky young people think of the neatest things!

(taken from Facebook)

Red Envelope Day

A simple, easy, eye-catching, and hopefully heart-changing idea.


Time and Place
Start Time:
Thursday, February 12, 2009 at 11:00pm
End Time:
Tuesday, March 31, 2009 at 12:00pm
Your post office


We have launched our website!

Please visit today and tell your friends!

Get red envelopes or postcards ( and mail them on March 31st to the White House

March 31st, 2009

Get a red envelope. You can buy them at Kinkos, or at party supply stores. On the front, address it to

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington , D.C. 20500

On the back, write the following message.

This envelope represents one child who died because of an abortion.
It is empty because the life that was taken is now unable to be a part of our world.

We will mail the envelopes out March 31st, 2009.

Put it in the mail, and send it. Then forward this event to every one of your friends who you think would send one too. I wish we could send 50 million red envelopes, one for every child who died [in the U.S.] before having a chance to live.

It may seem that those who believe abortion is wrong are in a minority. It may seem like we have no voice and it's shameful to even bring it up. Let us show our President and the world that the voices of those of us who do not believe abortion is acceptable are not silent and must be heard.

Together we can change the heart of The President and save the lives of millions of children.

Barack Obama spoke at a Planned Parenthood Action Fund event, uttering the now infamous line, "Well, the first thing I'd do as president is, is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. [Applause.] That's the first thing that I'd do."

An empty red envelope will send a message to President Barack Obama that there is moral outrage in this country over this issue [The Freedom of Choice Act, which will essentially “undo” every law currently in place to limit abortion in the U.S. (i.e., parental consent laws, parental notification, waiting periods, prohibition of transporting a minor girl across state lines to obtain an abortion, etc.)]. It will be quiet, but clear.

Please read more about The Freedom of Choice Act here:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Awesome Valentine (my husband and our day)

We had a really great Valentine's Day. Really. It just sort of came together, nothing planned, just sweet and more sweet. awwww...

Day started with our poor, long-suffering daughter having to go into work early. She was scheduled to go in at noon, but a frantic call at 9 AM changed her plans. You see, dd works at a nationally known florist shop and well, after working 5 of the previous 6 days, the real-deal, full-blown, male-affected Valentine's Day panic had set in. Today, was the day, for millions of men worldwide. Danger and doom. Gotta get it right or they're in the doghouse. lol

So, I presented dd with her little Valentine goody bag...fruit rollups (she loves 'em), a pretty card, a gourmet chocolate bar with hazelnuts, a pewter angel that says, "Live your dreams" on it and one stamped envelope, with a check inside, addressed to....wait.....wait for it....the CF Police Dept. I paid a recent parking fine she had incurred. lol

We exchanged Valentine's cards ourselves and gifts, too. I got chocloate truffles---thanks, honey! and a really cool digital photo frame. Big score! I gave husband his gift. I had made a photo collage with some of our favorite photos and ephemera (what an *awesome* word) of our memories together. My poor husband...I think I might need to 'step it up a bit, huh? ::ahem::

epresented in the collage are our wedding day, our actual engagement moment on top of a mountain, beside a lake in RMNP; our engagement portrait, our honeymoon to Estes Park, our honeymoon Greek Island cruise, a trip to Portland, our recent trip to New Orleans and our trip to Viet Nam. I also incuded some greeting cards, business card from our favorite restaurants in VN and the title of the collage is 'our' song, Making Memories of Us, by Keith Urban.

That left husband and I with an empty house and a sunny, but cold day to fill however we chose. Hmmm...we thought about going to DSM (PF Changs, Cheesecake Factory, shopping, road trip), but they had had a snowstorm the day before. Nah.

We thought about Galena, a favorite day trip destination. Quirky shops, great resturants, the whole city on the National Register---nah, getting late--too far. Instead, we decided to 'stay local' and visit a part of our twin city that we rarely visit.

We drove the 20 minutes required and parked (yay us! usually hard to find a spot) and started walking in and out of shops: ironworks shop, baby shop, art store, decorating stores, bridal store--allmost, anyway; choclate store, wine shop, the ktichen store. Such fun for me and believe it or not, my husband enjoys this, too.

Then, it was time for lunch. After finding some spots not open (how could you not open for lunch on Valentine's Day?), we landed at the sushi bar and deli, called SoHo. Had a great lunch--food was awesome and lots of conversation. How divine.
How nice to have no schedule; no place to be, nothing to do.

After luch, we left the quaint part of town and headed to the Farm and Fleet, which I do not mind, either. Aren't we a lovely pair? haha

Here are the photo highlights from the day! Happy Valentine's Day to my best friend and mighty fine husband!! I love you more every day.

excellent, original card art :~)


sushi and specialty lemonade

asparagus tempura

tiramisu---again with the yummmmmm

the collage I made for Mark

digital photo frame

a screen shot

Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's Official---The End (X-Post)

Well, it finally came; the last official dance performance. Last night was what is called Senior Night. This is where the seniors are introduced, usually during halftime of a basketball game (or a wrestling meet).

They escort their parents to the center of the floor, as the dancer's high school accomplishments are announced. The moms receive a beautiful single rose; the dads receive (for the first time) a box of truffles (in school colors, of course--lol).

The dancers posed with the collage of photos of highlights of their senior year, the moms posed with their daughters and we all posed together. sigh The end of an era for this family.

Here is a slide show of the photos. My camera was not on the correct setting, so some of the photos are not as good as they could have been, but they are special anyway.

Then, the girls performed their last routine, a hip hop routine they learned while preparing for their Sugar Bowl performance in New Orleans. It is fun to watch and the girls enjoy performing it.

Here is a video clip of closeups mostly of ::surprise:: my daughter!

Friday, February 13, 2009

And so it is. And so it goes.

"Generational Theft" is a term I first heard uttered by Michelle Malkin. I have also heard it from Senator John McCain and from various other Republicans.

The term is apt.

And theft is a crime.

To have voted this pork-filled cr@p-sandwich (acknowledgment for the coining of this term goes to Val at (D)rivvel Supp) into law is, in my opinion, criminal. To have given the public *less than 24 hours* to review the 1000+ page document is immoral.

This bigfat pork-laden bill will not create jobs, but will create debt for generations. We have not begun to comprehend the far-reaching, negative effect this bill will have on the future of our nation.

I've said it before and I will say it again: America is the only nation on the face of the earth, into which people are routinely willingly to die, attempting to enter her borders.
This fact should tell us something.

Let me be clear: We do not need to become more like Europe or Canada. We need to remember who we were designed to be, by our Creator, by the founding fathers.

A beacon of hope.

A place of freedom.

The defender of the weak and oppressed, whether the unborn child in our own communities or the down-trodden, suffering under tyranny or those crushed by poverty beyond what we can comprehend (which is oh, I don't know, like no cable TV and a shared vehicle for our teens?---Gah).

We are all free to 'pursue happiness', to speak freely without fear of retribution from the government, the worship as we wish, to keep and bear arms in America. We are not entitled to anything more. In our Constitution (which I do not believe is a living, breathing document, just as, to me, the Bible is not), the federal government is charged with raising an army, regulating commerce and delivering the mail.

Thaaaaat's about it. Yup. Truth.

The rest of it, including Medicare, Social Security, interstates, infrastructure, income taxes---all of it, has been added over the years; some of it, almost seems made up as we went along.

And make no mistake: Not only will we pay for this porkulus bill in the financial sense, we will pay, as a people, with reduced liberty, freedom, personal responsibility and the ever-more-fuzzy memory of our identity as a nation.

America? Amerika?

May God bless America.

Land that I love.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

You are being Warned

Stimulus Hides Socialized Healthcare Plan

Buried in the bowels of the stimulus plan the Senate passed Tuesday are key healthcare provisions that will set America on the road to socialized medicine, involve the government in your choice of a doctor, and inevitably trigger another funding crisis that will be used to justify still greater federal intervention in America’s healthcare industry, experts tell Newsmax.

Among the most controversial parts of the bill are new federal guidelines that will require the government, rather than a doctor, to decide whether a patient should get medical care.

Ironically, the stimulus bill that will cost more than $1 trillion will lay the groundwork for a massive healthcare funding crisis in the future, according to senior healthcare fellow Dennis G. Smith of the Heritage Foundation.

According to Smith, the stimulus bill contains over $100 billion of temporary Medicaid money. In an unprecedented use of Medicaid, that money will go to provide medical coverage for 1.2 million unemployed workers. What happens to those people in two years, when most of the temporary federal funding ends, is a major question. It will eventually lead to huge budget shortfalls when the federal spigot shuts off.

“It’s going to be very serious,” Smith says. “The GAO, the watchdog agency that works for Congress, has already said the current Medicaid program is unsustainable, and that states for the current program have to either cut spending or raise taxes by 7.6 percent every year to stay in balance.”

After the federal money is gone, Smith says, states will have to either drop millions of people from the rolls or face massive shortfalls. That probably means they’ll soon be back at the federal trough pleading for more money.

“Medicaid is being asked to do too much,” Smith tells Newsmax. “You can’t keep putting more and more on the program. It’s already in danger of collapse, and all you're doing is hastening that day. And that’s not a good thing.”

Smith says many who join the Medicaid rolls will lose the right to see their own doctors. He describes the stimulus bill as “a freight train moving at top speed,” and suggests that urgent demands for its approval are duplicitous.

“Good ideas are being shut out of the process, and so the American people are sort of being presented with false choice: It’s either this way or nothing at all,” Smith says. “Well that’s not true.”

Betsy McCaughey, the former New York lieutenant governor who has made healthcare reform her life’s work, sees even more serious consequences to the plan.

She says new healthcare stipulations have intentionally been hidden in the stimulus bill to evade a public debate.

Writing on, McCaughey describes the bill’s provisions as “tragic,” adding, “Senators should read these provisions and vote against them because they are dangerous to your health.”

Her concerns:

  • It creates a new bureaucracy, the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, to “guide” decisions your doctor makes about your healthcare. She writes “enforcing uniformity goes too far.”
  • The bill gives the secretary of Health and Human Services the right to punish hospitals and doctors who are not “meaningful users” of the new healthcare system. The HHS secretary, authorized in the bill to exact “more stringent measures of meaningful over time,” has sole discretion to define which doctors and hospitals are in compliance. She says the provision is intended to slow use of new technologies and medicines that drive up the cost of healthcare.
  • Hardest hit, she says, will be the elderly. The stimulus takes away the old standards – a treatment must be “safe and effective,” and adds a cost-effectiveness standard. That means treatments could be accepted or rejected based on cost, and the elderly would be disproportionately affected. Elderly would suffer healthcare rationing, she warns.
  • The bill’s healthcare regulations would impact every American. “The stimulus bill will affect every part of healthcare, from medical and nursing education, to how patients are treated and how much hospitals get paid. The bill allocates more funding for this bureaucracy than for the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force combined,” she writes in Bloomberg.

    McCaughey notes that former Health and Human Services secretary nominee Tom Daschle authored the bill’s key health provisions.

    Warnings that the stimulus bill could alter American healthcare forever also have erupted on talk radio.

    "We are at a fork in the road,’ Talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh told listeners Monday. “We can take the fork to the Moscow of the 1970s or we can take the fork to China. That's the road to recovery Obama is offering. We might want to try the road south to Cuba, but the only thing that would make that worthwhile are cigars."

    In an e-mail to listeners Limbaugh added, “The march to socialized medicine starts in the spending bill that Obama is scaring you into backing. This thing is packed with earmarks for liberal special interests. It's not stimulative.

    “Health provisions in the ‘stimulus’ bill tell old people: You're gonna die, so accept it and get out of the way! Stop using up money we'd rather spend treating somebody younger.”

    Tragically, McCaughey states, the incipient plan for national healthcare will actually hurt business and employment.

    “The healthcare industry is the largest employer in the U.S. It produces almost 17 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product,” she writes on “Yet the bill treats health care the way European governments do: as a cost problem instead of a growth industry. Imagine limiting growth and innovation in the electronics or auto industry during this downturn. This stimulus is dangerous to your health and the economy.”

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