Monday, January 19, 2009

Caleb's 5th Birthday (and Great Grandma's, too) **UPDATED

Best present ever?

A Radio Flyer Big Wheel.

Worst thing ever about having a winter birthday?

A Radio Flyer Big Wheel.

Caleb also received: a Puzzle. 'Cars' Coloring and Sticker books. "What's Gnu?" game. Bath toys. And the quirkiest present ever....A SpongeBob Sea Monkey kit.

Grandma received another animated stuffed holiday creature for her growing collection. lol It sings/plays/and blinks its lights to "Jingle Bell Rock". She seemed to like it and immediately Grandpa was full of creative ideas of how to awaken his wife in the morning (something about setting all of them off at once and then leaving the apt. to go for his morning walk).

Grandma also provided the cake of Caleb's choice (chocolate with chocolate frosting), complete with 'Cars' decorations. It was yummy. Grandma is one super Betty Crocker.
Anyway, we all ate (chicken tortilla soup, deli style sandwiches and relishes) and laughed till we needed a nap, but Caleb was having none of that! lol

It was a great birthday and we pray for many, many more generational combo birthdays in the future.

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