Saturday, December 20, 2008

Spirit on a Skateboard

We love the Dickens "Christmas Carol" movie. Any version. All versions.

Tonight, we watched the George C. Scott version. There are a couple of intense moments I forgot about...Jacob Marley's jaw dropping scene and the revealing of "Ignorance and Want". Yikes. Not exactly for the kiddies---better stick with the Muppet version if it's family night.

For a laugh, though, start watching at minute marker 8:37 (unless you want to start earlier cuz you just like the movie).

In what should be yet another intense moment, the mood is lightened and the tension broken (at least in our house) as the squeeaky, rusty gate sound that heralds the Spirit, who makes a left to right move across the screen, causes my husband to say (deadpan), "Spirit on a skateboard".

Every year. And I find it funny every year. Mostly because I forget. Every year.

It's just one of those things that make a marriage work. Humor and amnesia.

Merry Christmas. God bless us everyone.


Sherri said...

Merry Christmas, Terynn!


Val said...

Funny stuff. Yeah, that Dickens was one grim writer. The guy hanging from the hoist in Oliver Twist? yeah, not so much a kid movie. Unless you like to sit up at 1am with a still-petrified 8 year old.

Merry Christmas, Teri...and to all the others as well. So glad you'll all be together!