Sunday, December 21, 2008


I know that this does not affect the fate of the nation or the second coming of Christ, but we have a dd, Abby, who, because of this ridunkulous weather in the Midwest, is stuck in Seattle for Christmas, all alone.

We have looked forward to her coming home for months. We have her stocking stuffed. Her presents purchased and lovingly wrapped, waiting under the tree.

Last Christmas, dd got snowed in at Chicago O'Hare and had to spend the night, by herself in a hotel and then, had to wait till the next day to see if the weather was good enough to allow family members to drive to Chicago to retrieve her.
Thankfully, it was, but it was a 12 hour round trip to and from and we all had so hoped for an uneventful trip home for Christmas this year.

As of this moment, her flights have been cancelled and we are scrambling to find her a flight back home. Since so many flights have been cancelled, postponed or delayed due to the blizzards, you can imagine how jampacked all flights are.

We are willing to drive to bring her home, but we can't get a ticket for less than $1,000.00 to an airport anywhere near us.

I am praying and praising and asking you to do the same (if you feel led).
We just want her home for Christmas, God willing.

Thank you for listening and praying. I will let you know what transpires.

PS Abby is in her third and final year with The Master's Commission. We are very proud of her and are anxious to see what the Lord has next for her life.

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