Monday, December 22, 2008

I'll Be Home for Christmas...

You can count on Me (says God)

Please have snow (no problem)

And mistletoe (check)

And presents on the tree (done)

Abby will arrive in Iowa on the 23rd, as originally scheduled; God willing, and the snow don't blizzard (more)!!! We are excited and thankful!!!


Sherri said...

You bet I will pray that Abby has an uneventful trip! All my kids are back home now, and it just feels right having them here. I wish the same for you.


Masters Commission said...

Our team is happy that Abby made it home in time for the holidays. Once Master's... always Master's. Our biggest travel snaffoos out here in PA have had more to do with vehicle failures as opposed to weather, but we serve a big God who is Lord over all of it. God Bless You!