Monday, December 8, 2008

The 'fun' before the FUN!!

Oh yeah, baby! This is the fun I was having on my 'day off', prior to going to the real FUN of the State Dance Tournament.

TMI? For me, maybe.

Not for some moms, though. Some moms make it their business to 'out' themselves for many an embarrassing encounter, child-rearing faux paus, Freudian slip of the tongue, etc.
Not gonna lie, I love reading their blogs, but am not sure I could ever go some of the places they do (in public, in writing, FOREVER!). lol

But I have been having some ummm...symptoms that needed a specialist and well, there ya have it.

Swallowing some radioactive pill, changing my diet and meds., scheduling an x-ray (to see where in the world those little markers have moved to) and then the procedure pictured above.
Good times, this week, my friends. Good times.

Now I know why all the old-timers talk about this stuff incessantly. It's because one little shift can CONSUME your life. lol

Rest assured, dear reader(s), I will keep you all informed, up-to-date and in the know on this pressing situation.

In a vague, hazy and G-rated sort of way. ha


Val said...

This is one area in which you don't want to fall behind getting taken care of. ;o) Some gals have all the fun. Can't wait to hear the nitty gritty. LOLOL Take your camera. We want us a slideshow. Plus music.

And because I'm your friend:

Lisa Cairney said...

Hey, lady! I am PROUD of you, putting it all out there like that! I am thinking one of these "procedures" is in my near future too, so rest assured, if you don't spell it all out for us, I will have to resort to doing the deed myself. :) I hope you are feeling better soon, girl. Colonoscopy...ugh...that's a bummer.