Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Body Count

1 husband
2 parents (in law)
6 adult offspring
1 grandson
1 daughter-in-law
1 pretty significant other
1 dog

Hey, you ask. How's your Christmas Eve shaping up? Well, I say. Let's have a look.

Husband will spend Christmas Eve (and all other eves, for that matter) here. This I know.

Parents (in law) will be here Christmas Eve (unless they fall ill, which happened on Thanksgiving).

Oldest son will be here....tonight (after midnight)! Even though we were under the impression that we would not see him until January 3rd. Hmmmmm....maybe that applied to A, the fairly significant other? But he will not be here, tomorrow night (Christmas Eve). Wait. What? Oh. He will be with one of significant other's parents. OK. Got it.

#2 son will be here tomorrow night, Christmas Eve, with his new wife, unless he is retrieving his now-stranded sis from Chicago at 7:30 PM, which means that he would not be here tomorrow night (Christmas Eve), since it is 5 hours back to our home (12:30 AM). nodding slowly and trying to take it in

Oldest dd and her son (grandson) will be here sometime tomorrow (Christmas Eve) unless we get another snowstorm. Which could happen, as snow is predicted.

DD #2 is stranded (as I type) in Palm Springs, since she cannot fly into O'Hare tonight, as there is a... ba dum dum...snowstorm! She may get into Chicago tomorrow night (Christmas Eve), but at best, not until 7:30 PM, which if her brother and sis-in-law retrieve her and drive back, will place them here...not on Christmas Eve. But, at least she will be back, right? Right!!

CollegeBoy is fairly non-communicative and is even less planful than he is communicative, but if I understand correctly he will be with his dad's family till at least 10 PM Christmas Eve, but may stop over after that. Hey, that works. Looks like we'll be up.

DD #3, known as "The Baby" will be with her brother, CollegeBoy (I think) till the same time frame. She will, however, communicate any changes in the schedule and for that reason (and many others), we kind of like her! That means she may or may not be with us on Christmas Eve, but at least we'll know in real time.

Dog will be here. Since we adopted her, we do not have any info on her birth family. She's all ours. Always with us every Christmas Eve.

So. What does Christmas Eve look like? Somewhere between 3 and 14 of us will be present. Dinner? Purchased. Served at....? Ummmm. I dunno. Table for ... 2? 4? 14? I dunno.

Inclement weather, potential illness, half/blended/step-relationships. Yeah. We got the Perfect Storm.

Stay tuned.

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Mom To Six said...

I love it!!!!

Have a very merry Christmas my sweet friend.