Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And the hits just keep coming

The snow on my deck allmost covers the top of our wrought iron patio set and it is coming down in buckets. Yeah, that ah..."Let it Snow" song? Either written by Floridians or by people who are already under the same roof. Harrrumph.

DS #1 was, indeed, at our house last night. I just saw his face!!! (miracle--a child under our roof), but he needed to do some shopping, so he has left the building. He will be back to shower, before leaving to attend pretty significant other's family Christmas, then will come back here to sleep, I think (and weather permitting).

Will dd #1 and grandson be able to make it to our home? Uncertain at this time. Snowing and blowing.

DD #2 remains stuck in California---not a bad place to be, but not so nice if you are all alone and supposed to be with your family.

DS #2 and his wife are now coming here (if they can drive in this weather) vs. going to retrieve their stranded sister at O'Hare (where hundreds of flights have been cancelled---or so I hear).

In-laws? They may not wish to get out in this mess. Our best hope is to powerfully bribe them with visions of their grandchildren around a table of food and/or to provide door to door car service (so that they do not have to trudge their 82 yer old, getting frail bodies through the snow). This we can do. There may be some guilt, however, since we do not honestly know if *any* of their grandkids will actually make it here. (blushing slightly)

DS #3 and DD #3? Poor dd has to work till 6:00 today, then will join her dad's family, then may make it over here with CollegeBoy, if she has had not already had enough Christmas-ing for one day.

Husband? Up at the cr@p of dawn (as we say in this family, when one must arise at a dark, unholy and SNOWY hour) to go to work. Ugh.

Dog is enthroned upon her pillow, chewing her recently groomed foot (gross mental image).

Me? I'm going to bake and clean and collect two last minute gifts and then don my pearls, pumps and apron to make and serve Christmas dinner for 14 (including the dog).

::cough cough:: I'm in my jammies and a fleece hoodie (a good look for this time of year) blogging, of course. Not much else I can do.
Except pray...

Dear Jesus:

Please keep our children safe as they travel hither and yon over the holidays. Please let them know we love them and desire to see their sweet faces under our roof. As parents, please let us not attach so much of our own emotions to this day, that we become filled with disappointment for the lack of Norman Rockwellness we are likely to experience. In doing such, we will miss the meaning of the day.

Help us to remember that the ONE CHILD who matters above all, has already made it here, to our home and resides in our hearts (and praise God, the hearts of each of our children).
May we honor Jesus on His birthday by loving all people and all things in His holy name and to His glory.

Now, I gotta get outta my jammies and fleece and into my pumps and pearls. (wink)

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