Sunday, November 2, 2008

Superior Solos

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Yesterday was the annual state solo dance competition in Iowa. It's a looong day every year. The day starts for some at 8:00 AM and awards last till 8:00 PM. Phew. Our team took 5 girls to compete and the first girl performed about 1 PM. Our last girl (our dd) performed at about 6:30 PM. In our girl's division (the largest schools in Iowa), there were 90ish girls. Yeh. And they alternate between the two largest classes (180 routines total from 1:00-7:30) and each routine is 2 minutes long. That makes for a whole lotta bleacher butt.

Only *one* of our five girls had competed in state solos before. The other four were brand new. After dress rehearsal last Sunday, the girls were ready to go. Nervous, but ready to go.

The judges award point values to the elements in the routines, the points are added and if the girls score above a certain point value, they receive a superior rating. Below that level, you get nothin'. Then, the top 10 routines in the superior category receive a trophy.

The great news is ALL 5 of our dancers received a superior rating!!! It has been very difficult, in year's past, when some girls receive this rating and others do not. Girls are sooo relational, so you can imagine the angst. No angst this year baby! Smiles all around.

We were thrilled (read: hootin' and hollerin') to hear each girl's name and watch her walk to the winner's circle. Awesomeness. happy sigh

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