Sunday, November 2, 2008


It would take weeks for me to go into the subject in detail, so we will just begin by saying, I have wondered how the "Purity Ball" show on TLC would be handled.

Allll week, I've heard the teasers and alll week, I've been nervous. I have read the discussion boards and wheee doggies! are the comments ever ummmm...shall we say, not supportive?

Cuz I get it. I am totally on board.

Not only that, when my daughter was 11ish I wrote a curriculum for girls and their moms at our church. I read. I researched. I prayed. I wrote. I pitched. I gathered. I met. I trained. I taught. I hauled. I crafted. I pampered. I slept on the FLOOR. I photographed. I signed. I loved it.
The moms loved it. The church loved it. The dads loved it. The GIRLS loved it.

And this show brought back all those memories.

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