Sunday, November 30, 2008

Peer Pressure--XPost

So, there we were... the Dance Team 'Mamarazzi'.

Yes, we are uncouth enough to take photos of our daughters, while the professional studio photographer is taking team and individual photos of the dancers.

Yes, were are bossy enough to yell out suggestions, run into the photo and fix hair, lipstick etc., to generally interrupt the flow of the session. We are a handful.

As the session was winding up, someone suggests that my daughter and I get a photo taken together; it's dd's senior year and I was wearing something slightly school colors-ish and so...

But, I was not interested in being in a photo. No, thank you kindly.

Well, the pressure, dear reader. Oh, the pressure!!!

Rudy. Rudy. Rudy.

Next thing I know, this is the result.

Please look past the bare ankle, which is not very aesthetically pleasing. Please look past the slight (substantial?) roll at the midriff and the awkward clasping of the right hands (downright weird).

Just know that adults are susceptible to peer pressure, too (so take care when you think you stand, lest you split) and be impressed that I can still do the splits.

And obviously, that I love my daughter very much. lol


Val said...

I'm in awe. My thighs ache just to watch. You're da bomb, mom.

Mom To Six said...

WOWZA! I bow to you. As much as I adore my daughter, if I had to do a split to save her life, I'd sadly have to say she'd be a gonner.

Great job Mom! And of course, your daughter looks beautiful, as always.