Monday, November 10, 2008

I think I'm Proud, but I might be Nervous?

DD is a really smart girl. She is a very self-directed learner and has taught herself many a skill (music, keyboarding, sewing, crafting, etc.). She is confident and is so done with high school. As in, has enough credits, is past the drama and knows her next step in life. She's ready. She's all but launched.

And because she has enough credits to graduate, she's taking some AP classes, some college credit classes and two fluffy-filler classes. The fluffy fillers are: Contemporary Parenting and Drawing and Painting. Now, I don't particularly have a problem with dd taking the art class. She is quite a nice draw-er and sometimes, does not take the time to nurture that part of her soul. So, yeah. Drawing and Painting? Fine.

Now, Contemporary Parenting. Ahhhh....yes. Contemporary Parenting. I imagine if you know me at all, you will know that I have an opinion about this. And to put it simply, I don't care to have the public schools teaching my children how to parent. Can I get a corporate 'Amen'? ::shudder::

So, I have been interested in dd's daily recounting of the issues discussed and ideas put forth in Contemporary Parenting. And, silently, I began to form an opinion that perhaps, dd is smarter than her instructor in this class. And that, perhaps, dd could even *teach* the class. But, I decided to put off any firm opinions until I met the instructor at that semi-annual, charming ritual called "Parent Teacher Conferences".

Our high school holds its confereneces "arena-style"; all teachers and departments are set up at tables in the gym. When you enter the building as a parent, you are given your child's grades and with the grades are the class instructors. Then, you match the instructors, with the map of the gym floor set up and voila! Noisy, cattle car conferences. Confidentiality? Who cares? :~)

Husband and I could. not. wait. to meet the Comptemporary Parenting Teacher. heehee Is that awful of us? Maybe. ::shrugs:: But our meeting with said instructor did not disappoint. Ms. CPT had an attitude the size of TEXAS until she found out who our dd is (which, I admit, is a bit of a blind-side each conference, since dd has a different last name than we do).

As soon as it was established that our dd is, in fact, well, who she was all rainbows and kittens and ponies and cupcakes. Ms. CPT was respectful and kind about our dd's participation in class, her work and grade. She made certain to let us know that our dd has a top grade in her class (which was especially funny to us, since dd had shared a story where Ms. CPT was railing on the class, stating that no-one in her class of "rejects" had an 'A'--at which point my dd raised her hand and pointed out that she, in fact, did have an 'A', which merely led to more nastiness from Ms. CPT).

We are so very thankful that our children have been trained to be critical thinkers. Not sheeples. No siree. Independent thinkers. Not easily endoctinated by the brainless, liberal blah-blah-blather, so common in high school and college campuses. Respectful dissention is not rewarded in such settings, but that doesn not mean that the truth should not be stated. I'm just saying...

So, anyway. Today's saga was laughable to me and at first, a point of parental pride ( daughter is so knowledgeable). DD shared that today's lesson was over male and female anatomy. OK. No problem there. We've been discussing that since second grade, since I wanted to be the one to teach my children and did not wish to allow the schools to shape their sweet, little puddin' heads in 4th, 5th or 6th grades.

As a semi-related sidebar, I remember one particularly funny teachable moment, from when my children were maybe, 5 and 7. I had purchased a Christian-based early childhood sexuality book series to introduce the delicate subject matter. I would read to the children over dinner (truly). I would show them the pictures and teach them the anatomical terms and ask them to repeat them. I would point to a part and quiz them. After a few weeks, I told them that we would stay at the table till they could both point to and name all the body parts, *without LAUGHING*. haha It took awhile, but we did it (and we still laugh about it today)

Back to the story. The problem today was, the TEACHER did not know her stuff; her umm...landmarks, her ahhh..waypoints. OMWord!! She did not know her vas deferens, from her urethra, from her ureter. EEEGADS GADZOOK!

So could my independent, self-directed learner dd let it go? Oooh Nooo. She raised her hand and politely pointed our the error in her instructor's teaching. And the instructor, who did not like having her shortcomings highlighted, hemmed and hawwed around and finally, corrected herself.

And as I said, I was proud and amused... until it occurred to me that perhaps, this is not something for which you want your daughter to be known. Hmmmm....good thing she's pretty much 'over' the high school scene. What young lad is gonna want to go to Winter Formal with a young lady who has the vas deferens to set a teacher straight? lol lol lol lol---

can't stop laughing......bwhahahahahaha!!!

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