Saturday, November 8, 2008

Conference Champs!!!!

There's my boy #91 on the field, 4th quarter.

The score at the end of regulation was tied, 13 all.

The senior team members with the conference champs trophy. All smiles. Even while freezing cold.

My gridiron warrior. Pretty dang happy. Blue lips and all.

J-Man with his roomie, Gus (is that his real name? I have no idea...). lol

The J-Dawg with his high school friend, Drew and an interloper that I don't know, but I'm pretty sure they do!

Fuh-reeezing cold, but man, what a game! I yelled by silly head off (and I have the pocket purse camera footage to prove it). These photos are certainly not my best work, but remember, I was working with the shivering cold, fat gloves, low light and WINDY conditions.

In two weeks, there will be playoffs, but we are not sure where or against whom at this point. I will keep you all informed. Go Knights!!!

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