Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Proud Parenting Moment

My son called last evening at 10:30 PM and asked breathlessly, "Mom!!! How do I vote?".

I had fallen asleep during the weekly Duggar Festival on TLC and was awakened by my cell phone ringing. Annnnnd, now on the TV screen was some MTV? VH1? Young Thing Channel? show. Definitely *not* the Duggars, at any rate.

I couldn't think for a minute. I sat up composed myself and asked, "Honey, do you mean, who should you vote for? Or do you mean, what is the physical process you need to go through to vote?".

"Yeah, yeah, yeah", he responded, by which I was to presume he meant #2.

'Begin at the beginning,' I thought (although, really, I was thinking, the beginning was all the times I took him and his sister with me to the polls, so they could see how. very. important. voting is to me. sigh Oh well....

"Where do you need to go to vote?", I inquired. "I don't know", he responded, "I sent an email, but never heard back". As I had no idea what that could possibly mean, I let it go on past.

"Well, in the morning when you go to class, ask an adult (yes, I really said that---never mind, that *legally* my boy *is* an adult), where are the students supposed to go to vote", I suggested. "Did you register?", I asked as an afterthought. I knew that this doesn't matter; in Iowa, you can register and vote, same day. I think I was just testing his level of commitment.

"I don't think so", he replies.

'OK, I think, that answers that'.

"Well, call me tomorrow and let me know how it goes, because I am interested in your first trip to the polls."

Throughout the day today, we texted back and forth, mostly me micromanaging and him procrastinating. But, by 7:40 CST (phew!), he called me to report than he had, in fact, cast his first ballot for a Presidential election.

And no matter the outcome of the election, I had a proud mom moment. His panicked phone call notwithstanding, he is an adult. He didn't know what to do, but he knew who could help him (his mom) and he cared enough to ask.

I think God is proud of us in much the same way. He doesn't expect that we will always know what to do. But He sure hopes to hear our voice when we are uncertain and lost, asking His advice.

Amen, Lord.

To You, be the glory.

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Nicole - Raising Animals said...

WHAT? Our children become legally able to vote? I'm shocked!! That's not fair!
It's adorable that you told him to ask an adult! SO sweet! He's still your baby!