Thursday, October 23, 2008

What is wrong with us? ***read the last sentences, please

This video is rather eye-opening and therefore, quite depressing.

The most frequently performed medical procedure? Gag.

44 million?

How can we, as a society, tolerate partial birth abortion? Of all the horrors we commit in America, this one has no equal. Not war. Not
homicide or rape. Not even the death penalty is more cruel. And although it is tempting to be a supporter of capital punishment (especially in the area of child rape and murder), I no longer believe it is right. I believe only God has the wisdom to decide when to create life or when to end it. Not my call.

If a teen girl gives birth in a stall in her junior high bathroom, leaving the baby to drown in the toilet, she (being a juvenile!!), will be prosecuted, while the educated, salaried mother who her exercises her "right" to abort her baby at term (read: kill it as it is being born), is protected under the law. What is wrong with us?

How can we partially deliver a baby and tear open it's precious skull with surgical instruments? How can we shred its perfect, innocent body in the name of convenience? Who could perform this procedure and sleep at night?

I have had friends who have miscarried babies and make no mistake, that was a BABY to the woman. Why else does she grieve? The miscarried INFANT is not even viable at 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, but that is not at all comforting to the parent(s). They just want their BABY (not product of conception, mass of cells, embryo, etc.). The physical representation of hopes and dreams is a baby.

A baby.

Me? I say we should keep partial birth abortion legal...but, here's *my* rules.

An abortion-minded woman enters a clinic and signs papers to undergo this procedure. One of the papers she will sign is termination papers. Nope. Not termination of the BABY, but termination of the mother's parental rights. Her "right" to leave the hospital, unencumbered by a BABY will be protected (that's the big deal for pro-choice folks, right?) and the baby's life will be spared (that's the big deal for pro-life people).

It's brilliant, right? Everyone wins, especially the thousands of fertility-challenged couples, who cannot conceive and carry an infant to term. Those who do not wish to parent, don't have to and those who desperately desire a family more than anything!! would finally have their dream come true.

And the baby? The baby that was lovingly created by a loving Creator?

Maybe she'll be a future kindergarten teacher? A tiny ballerina? A testosterone-filled little pirate? An auto mechanic? A pastor? An inventor? An artist?
Only God knows. :~)

And unfortunately, because we think we know best, far too often we forfeit the pleasure of watching these little ones become the apple of their Father's (and mother's) eye.

And that breaks. my. heart.

****Please know that if you are a woman who has experienced an abortion, I am not judging you or your decision. If I would have found myself with an unplanned pregnancy, prior to age 30, I tell you with certainty, I would have had an abortion. At the time, I believed that to do so was right and that it was my *right*. I know women who have had abortions and they report feeling guilt and shame related to their decision, which was made many years earlier.

God is big enough to wrap you in His love and compassion. There is nothing any of us do that is beyond His ability and desire to redeem. He can't wait to hear you bang through the front door, looking for Him.

Just ask. Just believe.

And receive.

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