Sunday, October 5, 2008

Perfect Fall Day


9:00 AM awaken slowly, read, blog, pick up house, get ready for the day--Yay! We can wear fall clothes--sunny and 65 degrees.

12:00 leave town with Rachel, Caleb, Mark and I--headed for the apple orchard; a beloved fall tradition---Oh, what the heck! Let's take the dog, too! lol And an empty cooler...

3:00 arrive at our favorite orchard in Gays Mills, WI--took the scenic route!!! Leaves just beginning to turn on the bluffs of the Mississippi River.

4:00 leave Gays Mills with ::cough cough:: *alot* of apples (3 or 4 kinds), jams, salad dressing, donuts, turnovers, cider, cheese curds.

5:00 stop in Prairie Du Chien, WI to browse through Cabela's outfitters store

6:30 to Elkader, Iowa for dinner---small town, no idea what we will find to suit a 4 year old, a clean eater and two middle agers. EUREKA! A *great* Irish pub with amazing food! Score! They even have a digital jukebox that allows me to play and teach Caleb to dance to "YMCA". Dancing in a town with your grandson where no-one knows you...Priceless. (pardon my sideways 30 second video below--hopefully, the cute factor makes up for my techno blunders)

8:00 driving in the night, beautiful moon, sleeping family, Cat Stevens "Teaser and the Firecat" CD

10:00 arrive back in the driveway--unload sleeping boy and lots of leftovers and apple products and dog gear.

11:00 jammies on, feet up, another apple donut for everyone, mindless TV and chatter

12:00 AM Bed felt so good!!!!!
The perfect blend of emotional and mental fatigue, coupled with physical tiredness and extreme inner gratitude for all the blessings we have been given.

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