Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The one in which she makes odd third person refernences

OK, so last night's debate was a snore fest for me. After the first few questions, it seemed both candidates had had their say on all topics and so, I began half-listening and half-web surfing. eh.

And today, I've read a few news sources' review of things (CNN and FOX both) and have reviewed a few of the blogs that have been making me think about the election.

And all that to say...

Miss Teri is feeling so. very. done. with politics, political coverage and political blogs, mostly because I think we've all made up our minds and all this examination and rumination is not having the desired effect of enlightening and/or solidifying voter's minds.

It's all starting to feel icky and divisive and intense and it seems we've all passed the point of discussion and debate and have instead, entered into the ridiculous, shrill and sad.

So, unless something really, really, really earth-shattering happens in the campaign, I'll feel OK with knowing that so much information has been shared that no-one need vote from ignorance of the issues and the candidate's stance related to them.


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Mom To Six said...

AMEN! I'm so done with the issues that have been re-hased over and over. I'm ready for it to end.