Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hmmm...Two Blogs. How does this work?

I've Been Tagged...

...by my dear cyber-friend, Maureen at "My Little Pearl". I love Maureen! She is a single mom (I used to be a single mom). She is from the Midwest (me, too!). She is hip and cool (oh, never mind). lol

Now, let's see...what are the rules?

Seven weird or random facts about moi.

1). I am originally from the South and even though I have not lived there since I was 7 (allmost 40 years ago), it is still a very big part of my identity. I love grits, fried chicken, Pensacola Beach, antebellum homes, Southern rock and my Southern family names.

2. I can stand and walk on my toe knuckles. Eeeyew!

3. I have wanted to adopt as long as I can remember. If I am unable to pursue this (and it's not looking likely for many reasons), I will look for other ways to make a difference to orphans, especially in Vietnam.

4). I love TLC--medical shows, medical oddity shows and the Kids by the Dozen series; I am even fascinated by the Duggars!!

5). When I turned 40, I made a life list of things to do. It keeps me focused. Anyone know where I can go to stomp grapes?

6). I did not grow up going to church, but became a Christian at age 30. Jesus changed my life and I would never go back!

7). I have been a speech/language patholgist for 23 years. My next career might be: a lactation consultant, a traveling speech therapist or an RV deliverer. I'm still deciding!

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Happy Weirdness!!

(this is posted on my other blog, too---sorry, if you've already read this over there).

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