Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Enough. Enough, I say!

Enough with the growing and becoming adults and the making plans for the *leaving*. sigh

Here is one of my favorite photos from my youngest's babyhood.

l to r---Allison, Bradley and my dd, Alannah.

My dear friend, Julie and I were pregnant for the first time with our first babies (Mallori and Jared, who were born 1 week apart) and then again with our second pregnancies (only hers turned out to be TWO); our babies were born 1 month apart that time. Five kids under the age of 3 made for some interesting camping outings. lol And we went camping a lot in those days.

Julie and I remain great friends, although we rarely see one another, we are forever joined by our corny senses of humor, a shared history and a love of God. There ain't nothin' we haven't been through together and there ain't nothin' we wouldn't do for one another. She is my 'sister'.

I've shared my dd's senior photos (but here is one, just in case you've been pining to see one again).

And here are a couple of Allison and Bradley, all grown up and...


I'm gonna miss all the kids.


Julie and I are gonna have to have some sort of mid-life crisis together. Rio?

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