Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bloodsucking Menace--XPost

Nah. Not another political post.

That is the title of the little cartoon information packet I received from my veterinarian this morning. Yeah. Nice.

The Scout has fleas.

And we (er, ummm..make that *I*) have been alternately sympathetic to the dog's plight, p*ssed off at Mother Nature (fleas after several hard frosts? come on!), huffy (not huff*ing*) about spraying, vacuuming, washing, and horrified that I saw, with my OWN EYES, my first flea ever.

Can I just say, I am not pleased.

It's day to be moderately lazy and mildly productive. This situation is not allowing me the luxury of my normal quasi-sloth weekend festival.

And as bad as the interruption of my laze-about ways has been and still is, the worst part is that I have no idea how many of my hard-earned, heretofore un-re-distributed dollars I will owe the kind veterinarian.

Obama? I trust you to make it right.

:snort: (I just can't *not* inject my politial commentary It's seemingly impossible).

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