Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh dear.

I remember my pastor said once that, generally speaking, people weren't Christians for one of two reasons:

1). They had never met a Christian or

2). They had.

Sadly, this
little clip lends itself well to #2.

Oh dearie me.


rainbowmom said...

The video is no longer available on You Tube.

I wasn't a question for years because of Christians. My thoughts were, if heaven was full of Christians, hell wasn't looking so bad.

Glad God got hold of me!

I tell friends now not to judge God on someone else's opinion. That's like not liking someone you've never met just because someone else doesn't like them.

Mia's Mommy said...

OHHHHHH gasp, gag, hide now! I'm so mortified for them. Way to make you feel embarrassed to be not only a white person, but a Christian white person. ohhhhhhh I just have no words. I may have to link to that too. geez

rainbowmom said...

Duh...I meant to say I wasn't a Christian for years...not that I wasn't a question for years. sigh

Val said...


Somebody, somewhere, said "what a cool idea--you need to explore it and give it all ya got." I laughed almost as hard as the Sears catalog post. This is getting sent to my friends. :D And I also hate you because it's now become an earworm.

Val said...

I had to watch it again. I'm crying. I have never seen something so funny. And embarrassing.

Terynn said...

I know you guys.

It almost seems wrong to laugh at this because of the earnest sincerity of the performance, but I gotta believe in my heart that they somehow know this is laughable.


I am laughing again at the mere *remembrance* of the dancing....

It's sooo bad!