Monday, September 1, 2008

Of Blog Designs and Politcal Times

Been gone awhile. Must blog. Will start with two comments, as it is 1:38 AM.

1). Disliked the old blog. *Really* dislike the new prissy blog. Am in the preschool phase of learning things, so come along, as I figure stuff out oh, so s l o w l y.

2). Sara Palin. It's brilliant.

I am now energized for this election in a way I NEVER expected to be. I am really surprised (because I am a dullard) by the venomous response (by many) to her nomination for VP. Huh. Who knew?

For me, it's like looking in a mirror. I never had that feeling with Hillary or Geraldine (yes, I am that old).

But this woman? I 'get' her. And I like her. And before the addition of Sara Palin to the McCain ticket, I was seriously, seriously feeling hopeless about the upcoming election.

Obama is simply not someone I can look to for 'change'. I find him terrifying for many reasons (hey, my blog, my opinion). And Joe Biden? (sideways glance; confused, scared expression). Ummm...not an option.


Nicole - Raising Animals said...

I like the new blog! I like how the background is tacked at the top - it doesn't scroll. You're good!

Mia's Mommy said...

I really love the new blog design, call me a priss! And I'm 100% with you (and apparently it's not the popular opinion in the blogging world, imagine that. Have I ever cared what's popular though??? ha!)