Monday, September 15, 2008

Life Imitates Art

OK. You all know that the profile picture I use isn't me, right? It's Aunt Clara from 'Bewitched".

She is addled.
I am addled.

She is old.
I am old (but not *that* old).

But after today, I am wondering just how old I look.

I visited a preschool classroom to evaluate the communication skills of a few of the children. One bright-eyed, red-haired little chatterbox (obviously, not on my list of children to see), asked me, "Who are you?".

I was happy to aswer, "My name is Mrs. _____. I am a speech teacher".

She squinted up at me from the paper she was coloring and without missing a beat said, "You look like a Grandma to me". And back to coloring she went.

And I stood there, mouth agape, not knowing whether I should burst out laughing or CRY! sputter sputter

The kind preschool teacher quickly came to my defense (she must have noted I looked like I might CRY!--lol) and said gently (in that preschool way), "You just look like a mommy to me".

And I'm not sure, but she may have given the little red-headed chatterbox the stinkeye!

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