Sunday, September 21, 2008

If I'm one, then so are you!

A post by Melissa has me thinking.

Hmmm...Maybe I am not as weird as I thought I was. Other people are interested in, unique things.

Here are some things I have spent waaaaay too much time researching on-line.

1). Old time Freak Shows and the people who were on display. Who were they? Where were they from? How were they treated? What were their lives like? What (likely) condition did they have and could they have been helped if born today?

2). Medical History--tuberculosis, black plague, Spanish flu pandemic, childbirth through the ages, polio, iron lungs, the beginning of the Mayo clinic, sanatoriums, mental health, poor farms, county homes, Kirkbride buildings, etc. etc.

3). Buxton, Iowa--a coal mining town populated almost exclusively by African Americans. Fascinating! No longer exists, except as ruins.

4). The Salton Sea---who knew? I hope to see this one day.

5). Lustron homes---you know those all steel homes that look like lunch boxes? So cool. We have a few here in our town. I would loove to be able to snoop inside one.

6). Planned communities--such as Levittown, PA; Ladd's additon in Portland.

7). Due to the recent Olympics, I have harnessed the power of YouTube to help me remember all the gymnasts of my youth. Ludmilla Tourescheva, Nadia, Olga, Cathy Rigby all have routines on YouTube. The weirdest thing is, that I could do all of Cathy Rigby's Olympic routines when I was in high school. The sport progresses that much every four years. Then, of course, you have to look up what has become of each former gymnast.

8). Early amusement parks--especially on the East Coast; Luna Park, Coney Island . But I also loved researching Venice Beach in CA. It was so pretty back then. Now, it's edgey and quirky and fun in a different way. Saltair was another long ago fun place.

9). My family genealogy. All the surnames, places, countries, photos, cemeteries, battles, etc. I can get lost in this for hours.

10. Frank Lloyd Wright homes--we have several here in Iowa and I've visited some in other cities, as well. What a great architect. What a strange person.

11. Mormons: both dh and I have some Mormons in our family trees. I have 'met' some dear folks online, who are Mormons. Although I do not agree with the theology, I am fascinated with the historical aspects of their religion.

12. The history of the cities I have lived in...the settlers, the early days, the schools, the cemeteries, the hospitals, the people who left their mark in great homes, great ideas, great contributions, etc.

13. Any place I am planning to visit soon. I must go with a plan, otherwise, I get home and someone will say, "Oh, did you go see.......?" and I will have to sy, "No, I never knew that...." and then, I'll have to be all bummed. No siree. Must have a plan for must-see sights when traveling.

14. World Fairs--especially the World's Fairs of Chicago and St. Louis. Absolutely amazing.

15. The history of other newer religions and peoples: Christian Scientists, Gospel Hall, Mennonites, Assembly of God, Vineyard, Mormons, Amish, Brethren, Icarians, etc.

Obviously, I could go on and on and on. I spend far too much time learning worthless tidbits of info that is not at all useful in my daily life. I guess it is my drug of choice. sigh

It's low cal.

Almost free.

Rationalizing is the first sign of addiction, eh?
Who wants to pray for me? :~)


Nicole - Raising Animals said...

You know, that's so weird that you mention FLW....I got an email from an old friend and she mentioned that she was going to visit one of his homes with some friends from Holland. I had never even heard of him. And, it's also weird that you mention that place in Portland because I live here and have never heard of that place either. Maybe I should take my head out of the sand, eh? haha

Terynn said...

Your head is not in the sand! You are completely and actively engaged as a wife, mom to three, blogger, NaNoWriMo participant, grad. student, employee, surrogate-to-be, daughter, sister, ummmm...I'm sure I've forgotten something!!! You don't have time to sit on your behind-er and look up weird stuff.

But you should go see Ladd's addition. My brother showed it to me. I love it!!!

Nicole - Raising Animals said...

I love that you give me so much credit. :-) You'd be embarrassed to know how much time I spend hanging out on the computer. hehe