Thursday, September 18, 2008

Field Trip

My and my young Republican. She is a great critical thinker and is not intimidated by her liberal schoolmates and teachers.

My girl and her friend, B. Love that B's mom let her come with us on our "field trip". Her parents and dh and I think alike on many issues.

My sign.
I like this slogan for McCain. It is fitting and rather Kennedy-esque.

The jet.

See those gals flanking Senator McCain (are they twins?)?. While we waited for McCain/Palin to arrive, they sang a very soprano-y and church-y rendition of "I'm Proud to be an American". eh

Anyway, I took my girls to a local fast food place after the rally and in swoops bloodred lipstick gal #1, saying, "Oh!!! My sister and I just sang at that rally!". My addled response? "Oh. I wasn't able to see you two. I could only hear. You were nice".

Yes, Governor Palin is in the white suit, mid-stage. Click on the photo to play "Where's Waldo?".

Looks important. Too bad it was for YESTERDAY. Plus, it's Cedar Rapids, not Grand Rapids. No respect for Iowa. sheesh

My button on my busyprint shirt.


rainbowmom said...

Oh our girls need to meet! My oldest, almost 18 (unbelievable!) is such a Republican. Even more than me! How'd that happen? She really struggles trying to find like-minded teens her age.

Mom To Six said...

I can't wait till it's over....I just know that God's glory is gonna shine all over these elections.

Val said...

Oh, Just.Simply.Awesome. I'm so jealous!

And I'm so shocked. You don't look anything like your profile pic. Did you get a facelift??? :D