Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cheeks, Mountie and ZAP!

I gotta confess a few things here...

1). my real name is Teri; see post entitled "Identity Crisis" (on my other blog) for the full story.

2). I am struggling with a pretty bad sinus headache.

3). the first time I watched this little praise gem (below), I couldn't laugh for the pounding and ringing in my head.

4). after some IB and sudafed, this video is flippin' HI-larious!

I think Val from (D)rivvel Supp hit the highlights in her post; cheeks, Mountie and Zap! Might just be my new fake swearing phrase.

Thanks for thinking of me and knowing what I'd like. heh heh

(C)hicken Supp for the Soul.

1 comment:

The Greens said...

Thank-you-- I needed that laugh today!!!
I think I'm going to be singing that all night!

I always so appreciate the comments you leave on my blog-- but especially today's-- thank-you.