Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Girlfriend in the Citi(es)

Remember my friend, Kelley, who got married in March? The incredible Kelley?

She and Doug moved to the Twin Cities, bought a house and settled into married life.

Well, after a respectful bit of time (new family bonding), we have reconnected. And boy, was it

Their new home is beautiful, with Kelley's creativity on display everywhere. New paint colors, new IKEA finds (I'm so jealous) and ethnic art combine to make a welcoming, stylish place.

They are building Kelley a salon in their home and combined with the sauna (already there), the new tanning bed (an incredible find), the master suite, complete with 2 person jacuzzi, the large trampoline out back, fireplace, great room, formal
rooms, basement---there is enough room, enough fun for everyone; all five kids and the newlyweds!

We hung out, ate, laughed, spent an afternoon at IKEA, watched Olympics, had dinner with all but the oldest daughter (she as out of town), listened to new worship music, gave me a trim and
TALKED non-stop for allllmost 48 hours.

It was great. God is good. They are so happy. (contented sigh)

So, here are just a few photos of our fun. There aren't very many because talking nonstop does not lend it self well to photography, I guess...

Kelley and her new dog, Zoe out for Zoe's morning potty walk! Kelley's gonna kill me for this one!

Lots of PDA with newlyweds!

Can you tell I'm in the market for a new TV stand? Loved this one.

Overnight rain made this pretty scene in their yard.

Can you guess the name of their new city? These were in EVERYONE'S (except Doug and Kelley's) yard. lol

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