Friday, July 18, 2008

A Word

This speaks for itself.

"As you well know, I am not really in a place in my life to offer advise to anyone. I don't want to offer any thoughts, impressions, or messages from God, because I'm concerned my own "yuck" might mix up the message. Anyway, I've argued with God on this and He doesn't seemed to be giving up. Here goes:

**You are not going to feel whole
unless you use the gifts
that have been bestowed on you.
You need to focus on the "whole"
not the "hole."**

If this speaks to you, great. If not, pass it off as a mixed signal. ;) There. I did it. Now maybe it won't wake me up in the night. A girl without her beauty rest is not a pretty site!"

I am blessed to have such godly friends.

I sincerely thank you, T. You are brave to deliver the message. (smile)

I *will* meditate on this...

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Nicole - Raising Animals said...

Oh Teri, have you read Anita's blog yet's killing me!
I hope you're doing well!