Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Time Travel

How is it that a person (well me, anyway) can hear a song from their younger years and be instantly transported back to that age and time and place, sometimes complete with emotions? Music is powerful that way.

And in a related thought, when the above music-related timetravel is occurring for me, is it possible to really *feel* 17, 21, 25 again? Sometimes, I even become that person for the duration of the song/drive. Weird, huh?

Does this happen to anyone else? Can I really believe I am 17, 21, 25 in this twice-that body?

And do you suppose that this phenomena will continue indefinitely? When I am 90, will I be able to listen to ::ahem:: Loverboy and be 20 all over again?

I'll have the answer in 44 short years; I'll let y'all know.

Photo Postscript's sure as shootin' ain't working for them *outwardly*. lol

1 comment:

Mom To Six said...

Too funny..and it ain't just you! I love hearing "oldies" too and think I'm 17 when I do...only difference is that after I bee-bop around dancing to those tunes, I quickly get reminded of my REAL age. :)