Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dad loves me best

Finally figured out how to use the slick little FM tuner thingie for my Ipod. Pretty cool. I can see how this will lend itself to a cleaner car; less clutter-y than CDs and cases and containers. Nice.

Listening to Casting Crowns is a favorite way to pass my drive time each morning. I love the "Voice of Truth" lyrics, but especially the way the song swells at this point...

I will soar with the wings of eagles
When I stop
and listen to
the sound of Jesus
Singing over me

But this is how it sounds to me...

Singing. Over. Me.

Nope, not quite right.
Singing. Over. ME.

Singing. Over. ME!!!

Yep. That's it. :~)

I believe that the reason this resonates so loudly is because it *is* The Voice of Truth.

I really believe. I believe Jesus sings over me. Is that hard for you to believe?

It's sort of hard to process, if you think of earthly relationships and all the minefields therein.

It's hard to process if you think of dry legalism or hellfire and damnation theology.

It's hard to process if your relationship with your earthly father sucked(s).

But, it is as a parent that I can best get my head around this ... to think of how I (puny, imperfect being that I am) love, cherish, rejoice over, sing over, swell with pride, when I notice the tiniest, possibly insignificant thing about my children; like the space between my daughter's nose and eyes---the place they meet?

When she was little, I used to love, love, love to kiss that particular spot. It is so insignificant, it doesn't even have a name, as far as I know. I've never once heard of a billboard glorifying this body part. Men are not attracted to it, as far as I know. There are no surgeries or procedures to make it more prominent. No need. No-one notices it.

Except me. On my daughter.

How much more then is God able to, happy to sing over me, His creation? Makes more sense that way.

See? The Voice of Truth.

I love You, Papa. Thanks for loving me first and best.

(am i right? is that not the most kissable little spot on her face?)

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