Monday, July 7, 2008

Sign(s) of the Times

One of those pop culture Oprah-isms that we can all quote is, "If you know better, you do better."

I sort of get that. It sounds right. I suppose it applies here and there.

But then there's this...

"For what I am doing,
I do not understand.

For what I will to do,
that I do not practice;

but what I hate,
that I do.....

For the good that I will to do,

that I do not do,

but the evil I will not to do,

that I practice....

Oh wretched (wo)man that I am!

Who will deliver me from this body of death?

I thank God, through Jesus Christ our Lord!"

Romans 7:15-16, 19, 24-25

That's *my personal* billboard, bumper sticker culture-current slogan.

If all it took to produce 'doing' was 'knowing', we'd all be skinny, free from bad habits, happy, fulfilled and free.

Not this side of heaven is that gonna happen, apart from Jesus Christ.

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