Wednesday, July 23, 2008


(Carl Bloch's famous painting of Christ healing a man by the pool of Bethesda)

Come free me Oh Lord

Come save me Oh God
For I have known the hand of the Lord
I have felt the eyes of the Lord on me

Come meet me Oh Lord
Befriend me Oh God
For I have seen the extent of your fame
I have found the maker of heaven and earth

Heaven knows, I'm coming back this time
I 'm guilty of this crime
Cos I've been walking out on you
I've run across the world
And walked in barren lands
You've knocked this fool right to the floor
I'm coming back again

Well all my roads
Lead to the cross
Where you have shown the way to turn
I thought I heard rejoicing in heav'n over me

Well I threw it all away
And I died to myself
But I'll never understand
How I rose again
You have shown your hands full of grace
Why you chose such a life of disgrace
I can never repay such a man
But I'm coming back again

lyrics for "Coming Back" by Delirious?--the "Cutting Edge" CD

So it was, as she sangeth in the stylin' mini van, thus the voice of the Lord did speaketh to her heart. And the voice of the Lord came quietly and saith: "Do you want to be healed?"

And she was immediately reminded of the Holy Scriptures; of the healing of the paralytic man at the pool (John 5:22-25?). And she felt shame and conviction and pissed-off-ed-ness in her heart and thus, their was a great battle raging.

For the woman realized that the Lord was revealing the state of her heart, not to Him- who-already-knew, but to she-who-was-clueless.

And the woman squirmeth under the direct gaze of the Lord, for she, for the first time, found it more than a little possible that she was actively (though not knowingly) participating in the perpetuation of her stuck-ed-ness and misery.

And as she pondereth this great mystery with great consternation, she found that she was not quiiiite willing to answer the Lord's question, just yet.

So, for the first time, the woman actively (and knowingly), with a bit of sorrow, refused to answer the Lord; instead, she waited for another day, for another angel to stir the pool.

That, for today, that she might continue to maketh excuses for the lameness in her soul and to blame her condition on others than herself.

(Book of Teri 7:23)

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