Sunday, June 29, 2008


Please, please, please help families with this very important Vietnam adoption-related topic.

The letter is self-explanatory, time sensitive and comes from a very reliable source, IAAP.

Finally, something we can *DO* that may make a difference.


As of today the deadline of July 1 for all dossiers to be received by the DIA in Hanoi still stands and also the deadline of September 1, 2008 for receiving a referral. Vietnam has stated that all dossiers without a referral by September 1 will be sent back to the agencies. The current estimate is that this could be as many as two thousand dossiers.

Efforts are still underway to get the dossiers that are currently in Vietnam grandfathered in so that referrals may be received after September 1 when the MOA between the United States and Vietnam expires.

The DIA has indicated that they would be willing to discuss changing the September 1 deadline if the US Department of State would request a change. So far the Department of State has been been unwilling to do this. The last statement from the Department of State was that they had contacted the Office of the Government in Vietnam and that they had said there was no change in the deadlines. The Department of State has not said whether they have or will directly contact Dr. Long, the Director of the Department of Intercountry Adoptions, who originally made the statement.

You can help encourage the Department of State to work with Vietnam to bring this about by contacting your Senators and Congressmen and asking them to contact the Department of State and ask what they are doing to try to assist the families with dossiers in Vietnam and have they contacted the DIA about extending the deadline.

Also go to and sign the petition to ask the Department of State to work with the Vietnamese government to grandfather all dossiers currently in Vietnam. You can sign it and have any friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. sign it, too. It currently has about 5,700 signatures but we need about twice that number.

You can do this even if you are not adopting from Vietnam. We need everyone's help! There are so many children there that need families. We can't let them down.

Dick and Cheryl Graham

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