Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy 8th Anniversary!!!!! (a few weeks late)

The kind of man I married:

will take the dog outside in the morning, but wait, it gets better; if it's raining, he will carry the dog outside, under the umbrella and will wait, holding the umbrella, until she is finished and will escort the dog back inside the house. Serious.

will get up at an unholy hour to make certain my daughter feels safe leaving for school in the morning.

will help my daughter with math and science homework (science, I like; math? we are *blessed* to have him).

will *not* yell if his wife, in a fit of excited distraction, backs her minivan into his daughter's car. He will say, "That's why we have insurance". This has happened, so it is not mere conjecture.

will find something else to drink when the kids or their friends have consumed his non-diet Coke.

will allow me to 'purty' up the bedroom with romantic mosquito netting, pulling it aside each evening and morning to enter or exit the bed, without a word of complaint.

has more or less insisted that I schedule myself to receive a full-body massage once per month, for my health and enjoyment.

entertains his children, their friends, my children, their friends, my friends, our friends, my brother, his parents, his brother with ease, interest and good humor.

will ask my opinion and consider what I say.

shares my wacky sense of word humor, puns, multiple meanings and the creation of new vocabulary.

mows the lawn for 'exercise', rises daily at the crack of dawn and works all day, although he is self-employed and could be a slacker.

expresses interest in working at the Happiest Place on Earth during our retirement. How fun is he?

loves Myth Busters, Deadliest Catch, Dirty Jobs, How It's Made and No Reservations. He also loves Food Channel--Iron Chef, Unwrapped any show about traveling and food.

knows how the furnace works, how a light bulb works, how a gasoline engine works, how to shore up broken things, how to untangle a necklace, how to teach a child, how to love a woman.

is OK with counseling and church and God and the Bible and love and charity and giving.

tells me I look nice, that he loves me, what time he'll be home...and means it.

does not drink, but is no kill-joy.
does not smoke, but is no overzealous health nut.

has learned to tolerate (maybe love?) Panera. hehehe

will take two weeks off work to re-live and re-create memories with his daughter and grandson, traveling to National Parks out west.

will take two weeks off to go on a honeymoon.
declared the year of our marriage "The Year of the Honeymoon" and proceeded to take me to Colorado, Greece, Turkey and Viet Nam.

helps around the house, cooks with joy, cleans waaaay better than me, but is no sissy.

took charge of our lives at a critical time, providing leadership and love, forgiveness, wisdom and humility.

freezes his tookus off most nights in bed, since I am in the land of HOTFLASH.

loves movies and can watch the same ones many times, memorizing them, but not tiring of his favorites.

is romantic and sweet, handsome and smart, good and funny, fatherly and friendly and PERFECT for me!!

Mark, I am blessed to be your wife.

I have grown because I have known you.

I thank you for showing me the Way.

This little gem hangs in our bedroom. lol

This hangs in our foyer. Awww.......

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