Thursday, June 12, 2008


Water---sandbagging is not enough. All the towns I have ever lived in Iowa are under water. It's a bit overwhelming. Catastrophic. Katrina-like. Horrible. CNN-newsworthy. ugh.

To Blog About
---I am not sure where to begin to catch up.

Emotion---happy, sad, worried, glad---how to sort it all out. I'm becoming numb.

--on my camera. Must stop running and start uploading.

The artist: Brij Sondhi, Meerut, India. 'Deluge'- depicts an evening in the season of monsoon in Assam-[North East India] where he took his newly wedded bride- now his wife of 41 years.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I just got your gracious comment on my xanga site and please forgive me, but I'm not aware of commenting on your site before! I'm not sure that I've seen it until now. On the other hand, my memory isn't what it used to please, refresh my memory! -Shannan

Terynn said...

Shannan: Check out your blog for my ridiculous response! lol