Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ways I Have Been (willingly) Consumed

Naming my future children; lots of children 
Thinking/daydreaming about my future children
Completing school and working before having children
Waiting to have children till the time was right
Buying a house Decorating a nursery Learning Lamaze
Reading "What to Expect When You are Expecting"
Learning about breastfeeding  Attending La Leche League meetings
Saving money for extra maternity leave 
Quitting my dream job to be a mom
Moving to a small town for the family atmosphere
Working Hiring nannies 
Scheduling swim lessons, Tball, schools, Scouts, camp, music lessons
Financing Swim lessons, Tball, schools, Scouts, camp, music lessons Vacations Road trips 
Parent Teacher conferences Volunteering Church 
Photos/videos Bleacher butt
Buying cars/clothes/toys Piercings, Tatoos
Police involvement (don't ask)
Court involvement (again)
Attorney fees (and again)
Counselor fees Prayer time Worry time 
Spring Break Holidays
Tooth Fairy Easter Bunny Santa Claus 
Pigtails Ponytails Braids
Carpools Corsages Time Outs Get Out of Jail Free Cards
John Rosemond Knock Knock Jokes Pranks Scavenger Hunts
Lemonade stands Baptisms April Fool's jokes May Baskets 
Braces Retainers Cross Bites Over Bites 
Hamsters Hermit crabs Hernias 
Broken fingers Shin splints 
Mace in the eyes (self-inflicted) 
Toy room Nintendo Concerts Zoos 
Disneyland Disney World Oceans Beaches Sea World Mountains 
Birthday cakes Christmas stockings Post cards Cell phones IMing 
Cybersitter Insurance Pencil through the hand Love notes Lunches 
Chores Self-doubt Discipline Pacifiers Car seats American Girl 
Brio MTV ESPN Price is Right Wishbone Arthur Veggie Tales VHS 
DVD Feature Films for Familes Love Kisses Hugs Laughter Scrapbooks 
Cabins Ice Cream Paddle Boats Canoes Horseback riding 
Whitewater rafting Fibroadenomas Fingerpaints Handprints Kites 
Rockets Legos Candyland Uno SpaghettiO's Waffles Popcorn 
Warheads candy Smartees Protein shakes Posters Portraits 
Gap-toothed smiles Jack-o-lanterns Superheroes Cars 
Footie pajamas  Sleeping like angels Driver's Education
School picture day Varsity Letter jackets Sunburns Job applications 
Naps Nightmares Immunizations Snowmen Sledding 
Baby shampoo Blanket Sleepers Refrigerator boxes 
Leaking, milky boobs Engorgement Stretch marks Pumping 
Heartaches Reading Dr. Suess Each peach pear plum 
The King who reigned Charlotte's web Amelia Bedelia 
Carnivals Fundraising Bob books Lisps Stuttering Splinters 
Tears Snot Poop Vomit Blood 
Haircuts Highlights Curling Irons Straightening Irons 
Vitamins Snow pants, boots, jackets and only ONE mitten
Amoxicillan Bandaids Bible Verses 
Letting go Silent tears (mine) 
Pride Sorrow Gratitude Joy

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