Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Blessings

I had a great Mother's Day.

Was it typical? No.

Exciting? No.

Warm and fuzzy and comfy? Definitely.

Son is at college. Daughter had to work. Husband is valiantly fighting off some respiratory flu thing. Mother-in-law does not need to contract the respiratory flu thing-y. Dear step-daughter and grandson are with their respective mom and grandma (as it should be).

So, in summary....that left husband and I.

Husband and I went to the local truck stop for a killer breakfast (probably more literal than I would care to admit---Zetia, anyone?). Talked and talked. Lovely.

Went and purchased a bird bath (awww shucks; for me?) at daughter's place of employment. Purchased gifts and cards for mom-in-law and dear step-daughter.

Purchased an ice cream cake. Went home. Set up bird bath. Admired said purchase. Took a nap. Called mom-in-law.

At 7ish, gathered hardworking daughter and home-for-a-minute son and ate ice cream cake, opened awesome gifts from dear daughter and sweet and funny card from son.

Watched ridiculous things on YouTube together. Told stories. Laughed alot. Called the party over at alllmost midnight.

Went to bed feeling loved, oh-so-loved and blessed, oh-so-blessed.

Happy, healthy children. Happy, healthy husband. Roof over our heads. Food in our pantry. Love in our hearts. Hope in our souls. A place in eternity.

My cup runneth over.

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Nicole - Raising Animals said...

AW. Sounds like a great time!