Saturday, May 10, 2008


I am: In a place I have never been before.

I think: I am coming out of the wilderness.

I know: that God is with me in all that I say and do, for He lives inside me by His Spirit.

I want: to have more children.

I hate: snarly traffic—people must drive with PURPOSE!

I miss: my brother.

I fear: having regrets at my life’s end.

I feel: content (but there is always that little piece of me that feels incomplete).

I hear: my family. Ahhhh….

I smell: the rain that is coming.

I crave: feelings I used to have—plugged in and passionate.

I search: my heart and soul for answers.

I regret: that I cannot live completely by faith.

I love: my family and friends.

I ache: for more children.

I care: for lost children.

I always: drink water. I love my RO water!

I am not: where I’d like to be spititually.

I believe: that Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah.

I sing: enthusiastically, but not well.

I cry: when I am overwhelmed and sad.

I fight: with my carnal mind.

I win: when I submit my will to God’s.

I lose: when I refuse to go to God with my needs.

I never: drink coffee or pop. Ever.

I listen: to lots of music in the car---never the radio.

I can usually be found: in my big chair, with my laptop.

I am scared: of losing a child.

I need: to remember my first love.

I am happy about: what God has done for me; how can I doubt Him?

I hope: to parent more children; somehow, somewhere.

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