Saturday, May 17, 2008


Like most, I took some classes in high school that allowed me the opportunity to dissect things in order to see the inner workings of anatomy. I loved it. I loved seeing the marvels of the various animals/insects/belly-crawling creatures. I found it fascinating.

I still love to watch the medical shows on TV. The TLC ones are best, with their medical mysteries and the miraculous things that can be done to repair or rebuild the human body. I also like "House", because I would love to be a brilliant, pain in the rearsky diagnostician; and well, he makes me laugh!

So, today, I will begin a dissection of Deuteronomy Chapter 8; one of my favorite chapters. I will be quoting from the NKJ version, which I happen to prefer. I know, I's OT and KJ and who wants to read the KJ OT. Boring, boring, boring...NOT!

Read it, people! It's juicier and messier and so full of debauchery that them "Desperate Housewives" would blush (if they had any shame, which I'm thinking they don't). But, I digress (or *tri*gress, since this is the third time I'm off topic).

So here is the first verse in the chapter...

"Every commandment which I command you today you must be careful to observe, that you may live and multiply and go in and possess the land of which the Lord swore to your fathers...". Deuteronomy Chapter 8 verse 1.

OK. So the first time I read this and the Lord highlighted it in my heart, I was a single mom to two little ones (which, although that may sound difficult, was far *less* difficult that staying married ).

I looked at the verse as a promise, not a covenant. I believe that covenants are things that God promises to do, regardless of our behavior. A couple of quick examples are the covenant God made with Noah after the flood (never to destroy the earth again by flood) or the covenant God made with Abram (before he fathered Isaac).

Then there are promises. I believe that these are God's contract with us; a sort of "...if you----, then I will -----" deal. These, I believe, are dependent upon our submission to and carrying out of His commandments (which I also believe are not merely suggestions).

So right away, I thought of the verse as a promise. This verse/passage, I had no trouble keeping back then. I was so full of the Holy Spirit and the transforming power of God that it was a joy and a delight to serve my God. Every day. Every minute. Truly. Really, really truly.

But over the years, things changed (in a number of ways) and I allowed something else to take the place of my First Love. The sins I committed were not disgusting, wretched ones (although I do have a few of those, too).

No, the most horrible sin I have ever committed was a pretty one. One that was easy to defend and gloss over and rationalize. And it took years and years of sinning in this way, to build up and to dull my spirit and to make me well, if not blind, pretty darn near-sighted.

Anyone care to guess what I was guilty of?

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