Friday, May 16, 2008

Deuteronomy Chapter 8

This is a chapter which has exceedingly great significance to me. It is a chapter I have read over and over for the past 10 or so years (although ::ahem:: it has been many months, since I have even cracked open my Bible to review it).

It is a chapter that was highlighted in my heart the very first time I read it. I felt that the Lord gave the verses in it to me, personally, as a sort of road map, an anchor verse, a promise.

As I read it this morning, I am feeling/noticing several things.

1). I have been given much, just as the the passages state. Thank you, Lord.

2). I am not doing so well in the area of faithfulness to God's commandments. Help me, God.

3). Conviction is not the same as condemnation. Conviction speaks specifically, with clarity and purpose. Conviction identifies a problem (sin) and the solution (repentance). Condemnation is from the enemy. It is global, attacks your person and leaves a feeling of distress, worthlessness, personal failure.

4). I am feeling convicted. I am.

I think I will dissect this passage of Scripture, word by Word, line by line, verse by verse. That feels like the thing to do.

So, dear reader(s), care to come along?

Who knows what Jehovah Sneaky (yes, even my Heavenly Father has nicknames--I think He thinks I'm funny. heh heh) has in store for me. You? Us?

Word of God, speak to me.

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