Monday, May 26, 2008

Danger, doom and devastation

I keep thinking that we can't go a day without devastation somewhere in the world. Last night, that somewhere was very near our home.

A town called Parkersburg was devastated by a tornado--24 were reported in our area of the state.

Please pray for the residents of these towns---Parkersburg, New Hartford, Cedar Falls, Hazletown and Dunkerton. There are seven confirmed dead and many hurt and homeless. Much damage all around.

We are so thankful to be safe and in our in-tact home, with no damage. Check out my other blog for a few storm photos we took last night.

Please pray for the families that lost loved ones, their homes and for whom life, the way they had known it, ended.

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Anonymous said...

Please, know I am really praying, always, for all our family and friends in Iowa. Just grieves me heart soooo.

Love you long time,
~me - the multi- colored lambs wool~