Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Smacked Upside the Head with HOPE

My sweet daughter brought home a gift for me over the weekend. The thing about a daughter is she is not a son. lol

By that I mean, that she and I seem to "get" each other in the same way girlfriends "get" each other. And that's nice.

And mostly because I'm farther along in life, it is I who am able to give gifts to my daughter vs. the other way around. And I love that. Definitely one of the more wonderful things about getting older.

But this weekend, my daughter left me a gift on the dining room table. And when I opened it, I felt understood. And I felt like my daughter and I share dream (or at least that she supports me in my dream). And that is so sweet. Sort of like we've arrived at the place I've always hoped we would.

So without talking it to death, here are some photos of my daughter's meaningful, unsolicited, fully self-funded, surprise gift.

A nifty girl, she is.

Oh yeah. And I did literally smack myself upside the head with HOPE this morning as I got into the car. :snort:

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