Friday, April 11, 2008

How many ways can I (make myself) feel like crapola?

>>>>>Ugh. Why does all of that just seem like filler? Fluff? Yuck. It all seems like just diversionary tactics to fill my time till I die.<<<<<
(from my March 29th, 2008 blog entry entitled, "Somebody Stop Me")

Nope. For me, simply being home sick for three days is not enough. I have to make it worse.

Too much "A Baby Story", "10 Years Younger" and "HGTV" has done nothing for making me see things clearly; it's only made me feel barren and old and dis-satisfied and not in a holy way, either.

In a whiney, covetous, disgruntled way.

I am a wreck. I definitely think that the time you are feeling physically wretched is not the time to try plan the second half of your life. Not a great time for introspection. How stupid am I?

Yuck, yuck and doubletriple yuck.

Watching all this crap on TV leads one (me?) to believe that there is nothing a good makeover wouldn't fix. Some porcelain veneers, a little Botox and a new master bedroom suite--yeah, baby! That's what I need.

Then*, it will all be OK.

Which leads me to the initial quote this all there is?

Really? Ugh.

PS Any of you out there who have been there/done that/bought the Tshirt can jump in with some clarity, wisdom or a good sound shaking till my teeth rattle.

(special acknowledgment to my friend, M. for the photo that perfectly describes how I feel). lol

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