Monday, April 7, 2008


Today's commute featured the Vineyard CD "Burn Service".

Been awhile since I listened to this, but I quickly remembered both that and why I loved this collection of songs.

Here's the one stuck in my head tonight. It's called, "Your Love Reaches Me".

You are the fountain of my life
In Your light I find my reason
Your love reaches to the stars
Even the great deep
Your love reaches to this heart
And it makes me sing

Your love reaches me
It's what I need
It's what I need
Your love reaches me
It's what I need
It's what I need


Oh, Lord, how priceless
Is Your unending love
Both high and low find refuge
In Your shadow

Sometimes, I have heard people who were not raised with this style of worship music describe it as boring or lacking somehow. More specifically, I have heard reference to our songs being called 7-11 (seven choruses, eleven times or something like that). And I sort of get that.

Because I love the hymns, too. I didn't know any till I became a Christian, but I love the emotion, the poetry; they are truly beautiful.

But, unless you really know all verses and stanzas, you gotta have a hymnal and you gotta keep your eyes open--two things that do not lend themselves well to the way I enjoy worshiping.

Eyes closed, head thrown back, arms raised or flung wide---singing simple, but adoring songs, not just *about* God, but *to* God. Anyone else know what I mean?

At times, the experience is the most pure, uplifting thing I have even known. I soar. I fly. I dance. I twirl. I jump. I kneel. I bow. And I don't really care who sees me (although I do not intentionally draw attention to myself, either). Like I said, it's pretty pure. Just me and God. Doing our thing.

Admittedly, this is harder to do in the car. My children tell (grossly exaggerated) stories of me driving with my eyes closed, worshiping. :snort: The little buggers. They love to tease me. In my defense, I never closed both eyes, while taking both hands off the wheel. (jusssst kidding).

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