Tuesday, April 1, 2008

And because I'm not shy about sharing my opinions on my own blog...

I watched "American Idol" tonight.

Don't know that I've watched an episode since the auditions (which are an embarrassingly guilty pleasure of mine).
But I tuned in tonight, by chance and stayed because I happen to like tonight's mentor, Dolly Parton (yes, I'm a bit defensive about this--fair warning). :Ahem:

Anyway. I really enjoyed hearing music that I like and contestants being mentored by a singer that I like. It was all quite pleasant for an evening of pop culture, in which I (more often than I'd care to acknowledge) feel too frickin' old to participate.

And because I am more grandma, than 'tween and I read that "grandmas" are voting for David Archuleta, I'll just add in that I think he's very cute and seems sincere and from what I can tell, I'd be happy if he won.

Not that I'm voting.

And I'm kinda too young to be a grandma.

I'm just saying.

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