Saturday, March 29, 2008

Somebody stop me!

I am a blogging fool. No children in the house. Yes, you read correctly. No. children.

I have had more time to myself in the last 24 hours, than I have had in a looong time. So, I have begun to think and blog and think and blog. I've posted multiple entries to both blogs today.

One of the things I am pondering, is that in 365 days and some change, we will be empty-nesters.


I need a plan. I am a planner/goalsetter/listmaker. I am panicking. Already.

What do I want to do when I grow up? What have I put off? Dreamed of? What have a been unable to do when my first and most important job was raising children?

Writing. Love to write. Always wanted to write a book. Have children's book series in mind. Have written the first one. OK. Writing.

Travel. Israel. Egypt. Brazil. Anguilla.

Own an RV. Corny, I know. Simply a solution for visiting 6 far-flung children.

Mission trips to VN. As often as our finances allow.

Adoption. My not-so-secret secret wishprayerhope. Not looking likely, but God has surprised me before...

Live someplace where we can earn better money and enjoy natural beauty. Someplace our kids would think was cool enough to visit with some regularity. Evil plans and clever tricks.

Get fit. Has to cease being about weight-loss. Must focus on health benefits. I do not want to live the next phase of my life overweight (even a little) and declining in energy and strength.

Scrapbook. The one girly thing I enjoy. Alannah's senior things. Our family history.

Change careers? Lactation consultant?

Change the venue of my career? Private pediatric practice? Continue where I am?

Live overseas? Live and *work* overseas?

Volunteer? What things am I passionate about?

Peace Corps?

Recreate my LifeList Of ThingsToDo (Facebook ate it). Work toward making things happen.

Ugh. Why does all of that just seem like filler? Fluff? Yuck. It all seems like just diversionary tactics to fill my time till I die. OK. Back to "holy dis-satisfaction". Now what?

Hey, Lord? I'm sincerely asking.

What's next?

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