Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Slow Unraveling of a Mystery

I mean, there is no mystery about the facts. I do not speak to my parents. Haven't for years (approximately 10).

Neither does my only sibling. For reasons that are unique to each of us and for many that we share.

But unexpectedly, I have been given a glimpse into my father's family of origin and wheedoggies, am I ever floored by the eerie similarities my cousin and I share with our respective fathers (who are brothers).

And the dysfunction that exists in their family is very similar to mine. Unfortunately.

And up until yesterday, I had no idea that this family struggled with anything, other than a divorce (hardly remarkable in this day and age).

Had I heard this cousin's accusations and had I *not* experienced many/most of the same things myself, I would have thought she was cuckoo (not a medical term).

Wow. I was always (with my sibling's support and agreement) certain that ending the relationship with my parents was the right one. I just had no idea that other family members were making the exact same decisions, because of the same awful reasons.

So sad.

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