Sunday, March 9, 2008


Here is a post from an old, private blog I used to keep.

Yes, I really do think about these sorts of things

I even write them down.

And now, I even share them.

Anyone wanna add their wishes, hopes and prayers? Come along!

In Heaven....

Things I'd Like to Be/See/Experience in Heaven:

1). Play in the Clouds.

2). Pet all the animals you never got to pet while here (baby everything, tigers, dolphins, giraffes, rabbits, squirrels, otters, etc.).

3). Do gymnastics like I used to (and even better).

4). Fly (so cliche).

5. Swim under the sea.

6. Touch a star.

7. Do math well and easily (talk about a miracle!).

8. Play instruments and sing well (with no effort or practice).

9. Meet all my relatives, especially the ones that cared for me when I never knew them.

10. Meet all the children and grandchildren I never knew for generations after me.

11. Sleep in a castle.

12. Stomp grapes (oh, wait! that's for here on earth).

13. Eat fruits and foods that are beyond the tastiest things on Earth; I know God’s got some surprises for us!

14. Meet: Jesus, Peter, Helen Keller, Louisa May Alcott, Anastasia Romanov, Anne Frank, Diana, Gilda Radner, Miss Robin McGraw (could still meet her here on earth, I guess), the woman at the well, Rahab and....

15. Sleep and be fully refreshed--no pain in the morning!

16. No allergies/asthma, endo/PMS/menopause, fibro/arthritis/fatigue, pudgy belly/stretch marks, double chin/age spots/glasses.

(and just so you know, I know that there are scripture
and theology that gives us a glimpse of heaven
and I know this sort of stuff ain't in there.
Again, I'm just playing with God here, in my mind.
I don't think He minds...)

1 comment:

Relying On Christ: R.O.C. said...

Run ... Oh, to run without pain.

FLY... yes, this will be fun!

GO barefoot!! Too many sticky things here in our groung to run around barefoot!

SING... I want the voice to SING!!

Smile at everyone!

Eat juicy tasty things with no worry of calories or health issues.


Rest - complete - uninterupted peace filled rest.

No worries.

No tear stained cheeks or sorrow.

Perfect weather.