Sunday, March 9, 2008

Kelley and Doug's Big Adventure (also known as getting married and blending a family)

(Kelley, after figuring out the hard way that her mic was still on lol)
Kelley is my larger-than-life friend. Small town Iowa girl with a worldwide world-view. No fear. No hesitation. Has friends around the globe. Can go anywhere and make a home.

Yesterday, she married Doug. He is the perfect one for Kelley, of this we (her friends) are sure. We made sure. Because Kelley matters to us.

She has been a single mom for 11 years. She has watched all of her girlfriends and sisters marry. She has done our hair on our wedding day. She has watched some of us divorce and some of us remarry. And she has been there to help, cry, pray, eat, laugh.

Yesterday, in true Kelley style, she pulled off a larger-than-life wedding. Easily the most personalized wedding I've ever seen. Easily the most female attendants (there were 21 of us!!). All five of their children. All choreographed into a thing of beauty. Remarkable.

What they have done is not, nor will be easy. They will have 5 teens and tweens in the house at once. Oh dear.

But of this, we are sure...God is the author of this love story. And He will be the Hero to sustain them on the days ahead and to praise in the joyous moments.

And when the going gets tough, we, her friends, will remind her to carry on and to be encouraged, because we know her marriage is from God. Because of this, we made sure.

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